Shingeki no Kyojin Impressions




I guess Shingeki no Kyojin is one of the epic anime that I had watched and will leave a mark in my life. I liked the background and animation effect especially when “you-are-the-controller-of-3D-maneuver” scene/part (If you watch it in HD, you can really feel it as if you are the one controlling and gliding over the buildings) thou a little bit dismayed at first 3 episodes because I wanted also the characters to have a little more good graphic design and animation but later on, I got used to it and eventually enjoy it as well. 

Let’s discuss the content part. The presentation of the story frame was good enough to please the audience thou some parts are seemly cut or taken away from the real story or maybe the creator doesn’t want to leak the information that may be presented later on the next season. I think in every episode, there’s always a question in my mind that failed to answer at the end of the first 25 episodes. I understand that there will be more to come but some parts are just vague and some of the episode (especially the last 3 episodes) are presented very fast and they just tend to have some little flashbacks in the end. I understand that it is a style or way to bring up a suspense feature but I hope they gave a lot more minutes for the flashback parts.

Here are some questions in my mind which are failed to be answered (or maybe will be answered by the next season):

– Where did the father of Eren went? Is he still alive or what?

– How did Eren managed to get the underground key?

– Why is Mikasa too cute? (out of the league question haha!)

– and many more…


But regardless of small holes and confusions that bugged me for a day, I still recommend this anime and will watch the next season of it as soon as it is already released in the net. I hope you’ll also watch it. =)


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